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ETHIKA - Ethics and values education in schools and kindergartens - wants to foster critical thinking skills in children putting it at the center of a straightforward, easily implementable teaching strategy. In this project critical thinking education becomes a "hub around which all other educational ends cluster". arrow
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  • 19/07/2016 - Marburg (Germany): Final Ethika Conference and multiplier event. More
  • 3-7/4/2017 - Graz (Austria): 3rd Ethika International Training Event. More
  • 24-26/01/2017 - Karlsruhe (Germany): Innovation in Learning Institute at Learntec 2017. More
  • 25/11/2016 - Bologna (Italy): Come Affrontare Questioni Etiche Nel Percorso 3-6. More

Learning materials

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Here all the Intellectual Outputs developed by ETHIKA.


Confucius said


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