18/07/2017 - Marburg (Germany): Final Ethika International Conference and Multiplier Event. Organised by BVE. The conference, held at the Historic Town Hall of Marburg, presented the final achievements of the ETHIKA projects to the key stakeholders. The presentation held by the invited speaker Dr. Ulrich Vogel (Phillips University Marburg), abouut "Ethics teaching at Hessian schools", can be downloaded here

03-07/04/2017 - Graz (Austria): 3rd Ethika International Training Event. Organised by KPH, Graz. More

24-26/01/2017 - Karlsruhe (Germany): Presentation of ETHIKA by the Innovation in Learning Institute at the Learntec 2017 More

30/11-01/12/2016 - Brussels (Belgium): “Great-start-in-life!” Conference. Evelyn Schlenk presented ETHIKA at an exhibition stand during the conference. More

25/11/2016 - Bologna (Italy): Come Affrontare Questioni Etiche Nel Percorso 3-6. Workshop internazionale per operatori della prima infanzia.
First Multiplier Event of the Ethika project in Italy. Venue: Via Cà Selvatica 7, Bologna, Aula 3 - Sottopiano

17-20/10/2016 - St. Gallen (Switzerland): Conference on Digital media in preschool and kindergarten. Presentation of Ethika by Vojko Strahovnik and Bruno Ćurko. More

04-06/07/2016 - Salzburg (Austria): VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education) and beyond.
06-09/07/2016 - Salzburg (Austria): 5th SIG13 Symposium. Presentation of Ethika by Mojca Resnik and Franz Feiner within the Topic “Professionals’ Ethos and Education for Responsibility”, presentation “Philosophizing with Children – A way to Assume Responsibility”: “WORD-ANSWER-RESPONSIBILITY – Basis of Responsibility” More

22/04/2016 - Graz (Austria): Long Night of Research (Lange Nacht der Forschung). Presentation of Ethika by Franz Feiner. More

11-15/04/2016 - Zadar (Croatia): 2nd Ethika International Training Event. Organised by Petit Philosophy. More

24/11/2015 - Vienna (Austria): The Austrian Ministry for Integration and foreign affairs sent a letter to the Austrian Ethika Team, thanking the constructive way ETHIKA is offering cooperation to the work of the ministry for values education of the refugees. A brochure about "living together in Austria" about values in Austria has been issued and translated into several languages. Soon the ministry will contact ETHIKA for a useful cooperation. More

22-23/10/2015 - Yerevan (Armenia): Conference on Mathematical Education. Presentation of Ethika by Vojko Strahovnik and Bruno Ćurko. More

23/09/2015 - Graz (Austria): Franz Feiner and Burgi Weinberger worked for the "Kinder-Uni" ("University for children") at the KPH Graz with 18 pupils of the primary school Unterpremstätten to the topic "From the given word and the ability to answer /respond to responsibility". The pupils liked to solve a riddle about the topic Ver-ant-WORT-ung (responsibility) and to play some dialogic games; the dialogue between hippo and the bee was the basis for the philosophizing with children, which evoked the sense of common life and the necessity of being ready to do a lot for the community; we spoke about the duties in the individual and family life and the class – gaining sense for the own life.

10-25/10/2015 - Lodi (Italy): Festival della fotografia etica. More

1-3/07/2015 - Salzburg (Austria): Conference aKE (Values and Knowledge Education). Presentation of Ethika by Mojca Resnik. More

19-21/05/2015 - Brno (Czech Republic): Conference 4th DLSC (Distance Learning, Simulation and Communication 2015). Presentation of Ethika by Mojca Resnik and Franz Feiner within the topic "Ethics and Values Education with the Use of ICT". More
Publication of the peer-reviewed proceedings in the book More

21/05/2015 - University of Debrecen (Hungary): Conference "Games around the world", Faculty of Child and Adult Education, Presentation of Ethika by Bruno Curko and Vojko Strahovnic. More

14/05/2015 - 16/05/2015 - Vienna: 3rd International Congress of the European Network for Academic Steiner Teacher Education (ENASTE): "Education in a Rapidly-Changing World". It aimed to reflect on latest developments and their relevance for children and adolescents, for education, schools, and teacher education programmes. Presentation of Ethika by Franz Feiner within the theme "Von der dialogischen Verfasstheit des Menschen. Toleranz, Akzeptanz, Empathie und Solidarität lernen". More

01/04/2015 - Bologna: Stati generali filosofia Bambini, Round Table to Share and Exchange Ideas. More

16-22/03/2015 - Action week against racial discrimination. More

29-30/10/14 - Graz: Focus on Europe, at the Catholic University College of Education Graz. More

10-12/10/14 - Zadar: Conference "Challenges in Building Child Friendly Communities". More

06-07/10/14 - Trier: "Menschenbilder in Schule und Unterricht", University of Trier. More

11/06/14 - Zagreb: Eden 2014 - Ethos-NEST "Digital media education and values education". More

04/04/14 - Austria: Ethos at the Long Night of Investigation and Research. More

19/10/13 - Erlangen: Long Night of Science: ethical education in pre-primary and primary schools. More

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