Expected Results

The most relevant topics addressed by the project are ethics and values education utilizing the approach of critical thinking and philosophy with children in order to strengthen the skills of school teachers in this field.
Critical discussion, especially in the field of ethics and values is one of the most challenging tasks for teachers, especially in the light of cultural and social diversity that open up several key issues that could be developed through this process.
The project aim primarily to develop new and innovative curricula, open educational resources, educational methods and training courses, which would then multiply and due to organization of network for ethics and value education and follow-up activities lead to policy development and change in this field.
Four intellectual outputs will be developed by the project (methodological guidelines and state-of-affairs analysis, open educational materials and tools for teachers and educators, curriculum and training proposals, policy recommendation paper), together with several multiplier events and training activities.
The results also include establishment of a European network of ethics and value educations players, including teachers, schools, experts and other organizations, that will build synergy, reinforce cooperation and exchange good practices and experiences between different players in the field of ethical education in primary and pre-primary school on local, regional, national and transnational level and peer-to-peer and experts support.
The project will enhance innovation and internationalization in the school sector and strengthens cooperation (capacity building); with critical thinking (including articulation, argumentation and rationality, and presentation of one views leads to increased achievement) raise the level of key competences and skills, stress active participation in society, increase opportunities for professional development for school teachers, reinforce interaction between practice, research and policy, and increase motivation and satisfaction of teacher in daily work (Erasmus+; EU2020).

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