Text Resources

Curriculum proposals for ethics and values education, by Ethika project (PDF-3,7MB, English)
Policy Paper, by Ethika project (PDF-1MB, English)
Policy Paper - Key Conclusions and Policy Recommendations, short version, by Ethika project (PDF-2MB, English)
State of the Art and Needs Analysis, by Ethika project (PDF-4MB, English)

Manual for Teachers and Educators, by Ethika project (PDF-2MB, English),
Manual for Teachers and Educators, by Ethika project (ePUB-3MB, English),
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Methodology Guidelines, by Ethos project (PDF-3MB, English),
Metodološke smjernice, by Ethos project (PDF-3MB, Bosnian),
Methodisch-didaktische Empfehlungen, by Ethos project (PDF-3.3MB, Deutsch),
Guía Metodológica, by Ethos project (PDF-2.5MB, Español),
Metodološke smjernice, by Ethos project (PDF-3MB, Hrvatska)
Linee Guida Metodologiche, by Ethos project (PDF-2.4MB, Italiano)
Metodološke smernice, by Ethos project (PDF-4MB, Slovensko)

Suggested reading:
Education policies and practices to foster tolerance, respect for diversity and civic responsibility in children and young people in the EU’, NESET II report, (PDF), by Van Driel, B., Darmody, M., Kerzil, J. (German), Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2016. doi: 10.2766/46172.
Teaching ethics in other subjects: plans, concepts and materials for higher secondary and vocational schools (PDF), published by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. The publication covers the ethical issues wherever they arise - or should arise: in the subjects themselves, for example the foreign element in foreign languages or when the human nature is reflected in biology (German).
Values make you strong - Practical Handbook for Teaching Values (PDF), published in 2008 by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture. The handbook presents best practice cases dealing with character education, social learning, culture and sports (German).
The “Graz Declaration on Interfaith Dialogue” ("Grazer Erklärung zum Interreligiösen Dialog") is the fruit of the Interreligious conference in July 2013 in Graz.
Eight character education models, (PDF) by Prof. Dr. Fritz Oser (German)
Using values with children and teenagers, (PDF) by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwab (German)
What is ethical and moral competence, (PDF) by Dr. Julia Dietrich (German)
How to make character education successful, (PDF) by Prof. Dr. Joachim Kahlert (German)
School concepts for character education, (PDF) by by Armin Hackl (German)
Values have a price, (PDF) by by Prof. Hans Mendl (German)
Ethical education and internal school policy, (PDF) by Franz Schneider (German)

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