Educational Tools: Age 7 to 9

This section presents the ETHIKA tools. The materials can be downloaded. The Creative Commons license permits the free use.
The set of educational tools developed by the ETHIKA project is presented in the following table, according to the age of the children and the topic of interest:

Age Conflict resolution Ethical actions Justice Respect Responsibility Self esteem
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Civic action

Unfair Rain

Why do we need to respect others?

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A Girl and a Dog

Try to find positive


The following educational tools were developed within the framework of Ethos. Friendship, Moral Values, Respect, Responsibility, Tolerance are the five topics chosen together with teachers and parents coming from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain through focus groups and questionnaires.
Friendship, Teacher Manual: My Best Friend (PDF-227KB, English)
Moral Values, Story: The Little Ones and the Big Ones (PDF-1181KB, English)
Moral Values, Teacher Manual: The Little Ones and the Big Ones (PDF-219KB, English)
Respect, Story: Story of Fluffy (PDF-343KB, English)
Respect, Teacher Manual: Story of Fluffy (PDF-445KB, English)
Respect, Additional activities: Story of Fluffy (PDF-344KB, English)
Responsibility, Presentation: Teddy's Pear (PPTX-24.887KB, English)
Responsibility, Teacher Manual: Teddy's Pear (PDF-444K2, English)
Responsibility, Additional Materials: Teddy's Pear (PDF-374KB, English)
Tolerance, Presentation: Blue Horse (PPTX-2976KB, English)
Tolerance, Teacher Manual: Blue Horse (PDF-436KB, English)

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